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19 May 2008 @ 10:02 pm
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment
Pairing: RyoJun
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After seeing the newest issue of BOAO Jun decides that this loose relationship between the Sexy Osaka Man and himself has to become more permanent before someone else tries to steal him away.


The BOAO magazine lays beside him, elbow resting near it and with a hand down his pants. Ryo’s face stares blankly back at him, those inky black eyes bore into his, making his breath hitch and a shiver slowly runs down his spine. His arms are numb due to his awkward position but he doesn’t care. Not one bit when Ryo is staring at him like that. He swipes a thumb over the head of his erection, slowly encircling his hand around it and stroking once.

His eyes wander down to Ryo’s chest, over his dark nipples and he squeezes the base of his erection, his fingers playing with his balls underneath. Somewhere in his heart he wishes Ryo would see him the way he is now. Wishes Ryo knew what he does to him. Wishes that Ryo were here with him. Withering and thrashing against his skin as he slowly trails his tongue over Ryo’s dark nipples, sucking, nibbling without a care in the world.

His vision whitens and he gasps, his hand tightening around the hot flesh, stroking hard and fast. His eyes never leaving Ryo's, fingers sliding up and down, then his whole body stiffens and shivers notably as he cums all over the magazine. The white liquid hides Ryo face and Jun frowns in response. He needs a new BOAO magazine, again.


Ryo stands in front of the vending machine, just about to insert a bill when someone blows hot air into his ears. He twitches and just about to falls forward when hands grab his waist, bringing him up. He turns around, vending machine forgotten as he glances at Jun’s amused face, his arms still tightly wound around Ryo’s waist.

“Hello there, skinny monkey,” Jun says, hand now resting on Ryo’s shoulder as he licks his lips, eyes roving up and down Ryo’s form.

Ryo opens his mouth to retort but remembers the position they are in and how Jun is his sempai, who would always outdo him how sarcastic and witty Ryo’s replies were. So all he can do is nod his head a little, turning his eyes from Jun’s face.

The older man smirks at Ryo’s silence and leans forward instead of letting him go, “Want to go drinking again with me?” he whispers against Ryo’s cheek.

Ryo clears his throat nervously, uncomfortable with Juns close proximity, so close that he can smell the others cologne, a sweet scent of strawberries and wine. The smell empowers over his senses, smiling softly up at Jun, “Sure,” he says.

Before he can even blink, Jun is walking away from him, flashing a grin before turning the corner, disappearing from his sight and Ryo is left standing alone in the dressing room. Part of him wants Jun to hold him again, so he can take the chance to snuggle against Jun’s hard chest, but part of him is happy that Jun left before someone from Kanjani8 showed up, he'd would have been teased throughout the whole photoshoot.

The dark haired man sighs, returning back to his previous task of retrieving and he presses the button, not shortly after he bent down to pick up his drink, his phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes his phone from his pants and returns to his dressing room.

Sipping his drink, Ryo squints at the cell phone screen, seeing Jun’s name appear in front of his eyes. It’s a message from him, stating to meet at their regular bar, 8 pm sharp. Ryo thinks his heart just skiped a beat. Chewing on his lower lip; his eyes reread Jun’s message over and over again. He starts to think about their previous drinking endeavors, how Jun would always end up drinking, never stopping even when Ryo tries to warn him carefully. How they would always end up in Jun’s apartment, with Ryo placing the drunken Jun on his bed, undressing him.

Voices startle him out of his thoughts, and Yoko comes into the room, bouncing up and down. Ryo decides to hide his cell phone in his jacket and, just in case, leaves it behind the couch.


Ryo squirms in his seat, looking anywhere except at Jun, who is devouring the alcohol and patting Ryo on the back, “Relax,” he says.

But Ryo cannot relax. Not when the same hand that was on his back, is now traveling downwards on a sure route to his butt, squeezing once and leaving as if it had never been there before. Ryo wipes his neck; sweat from the humidity of the club on his skin. Frowning with discomfort, Ryo gets up from his seat and Jun darts forward to grab his hand.

“Where are you going?” Jun asks with a serious expression on his unchanging face, his eyes unwavering.

Ryo’s opens his mouth to asnwer but is cut short as Jun pulls him down and sits the shorter man on his lap.

“Don’t go,” Jun mutters, nuzzling his neck, reeking of alcohol. Ryo closes his eyes and nuzzles back, wrapping his hands around Jun’s surprisingly hot neck. He places a small kiss on the older mans neck before whispering that he isn't going anywhere.

Jun brings a palm to the Osakans face before pecking his lips softly, hot breathes mingling together and Ryo feels his erection stirring as Jun continues to suckle on his bottom lip, trailing a warm tongue against it.

Before Jun can further his ministrations, Ryo touches his thigh slightly, turning away from Jun’s face. Not saying anything out loud but Jun understands without a word and stands up, dragging Ryo out of the bar and into the dark streets.

More Ryojun (;D);

Jun tears away his shirt after fiddling with the buttons for a while, lips on attacking collarbones. Ryo lets out a short moan, biting his lips to keep quiet as Jun’s works his magic with their zippers, freeing him from his pants. His erection now visible through the white cotton briefs; Ryo inhales sharply whenever the soft material brushes against his head. Jun pretends to ignore the sweet pain the other feels, and moves them over to his king sized bed, pushing on Ryo’s chest and making him fall flat on his back.

Jun climbs on the bed like a cat, smirk adorning his face hovering as it hovers over his own. Ryo wonders how, or if, Jun is able to think clearly in his drunken state, while he cannot even process one thought because all he can concentrate on is is Jun’s face, and Jun’s tongue sliding inside of his mouth, and the way Jun’s fingers do that across his stomach.

Jun nips at his abs, tongue lapping at his bellybutton and past his abdomen before stopping directly in front of his....problem. Jun, however, ignores his obvious need for a second time, instead opting to grab Ryo’s thigh, licking and sucking the skin until it is red from the abuse and precedes to move onto the other. Ryo, breathless and annoyed, kicks Jun lightly, trying to direction to his erection

Finally, fucking finally, Jun places his hands on Ryo’s hips and descends those red, luscious lips, and removes the, now translucent, undergarments with his teeth . Ryo gasps when Jun takes his manhood into his mouth, quickly bobbing his head up and down on it, using a free hand to fondle his balls. Crying out in pleasure, the younger man grabs hold of the others hair, encouraging him to keep sucking, but Jun moves away and Ryo, whom had lost control as soon as those devilish red lips had descended upon him, made a loud noise of disapproval.

Jun finally takes a moment to rid himself of all his clothes, and pulls a bottle of lubricant out of his night stand, under it was one of his many spoiled BOAO's, hidden in the drawer.Jun drops the item onto the bed and takes the others hard flesh in his hand, giving the head a few licks and suckling loudly on the side of it. Letting the length go, with a grunt of disapprovingly from the other, Jun squirted the contents of the bottle onto his fingers, making sure he has a bit more than the needed amount.

Ryo twitches when Jun touches his entrance with a sleek finger, rubbing on it gently before inserting the digit in slowly. Ryo arches his back at the intrusion, clenching his eyes shut, his hands grab frantically at the bed sheets. Jun soon adds another finger in the process and Ryo finds himself forgetting to breathe. Trying to keep his voice down, Ryo runs his fingers through Jun’s soft hair, eyes rolling back the older mans fingers find his prostate.

“Jun,” Ryo moans, in his opinion, pathetically, trying to keep away the desperation he feels but knows he didn’t succeed when he feels Jun smirk against his thigh.

Jun holds up Ryo slender thighs and carefully positions his lubed erection at his entrance, thrusting in at a slow pace. Ryo helplessly claws at Jun’s back when Jun refuses to move inside him.

Chuckling, Jun brings Ryo face closer to his and rubs their noses together, smiling wide as he kisses the smaller mans cheek before he begins to move.

Thighs tightly wrapped around Jun’s waist, a hand on his shoulder, the other taking hold of his neglected erection and strokes it in tune with Juns thrusts. Each time the older mans length presses on his prostate, Ryo mumbles incoherent words, stroking faster and faster until his form stiffens, back arching and a blissful orgasm sends him into a oblivion.

Jun stares at Ryo’s facial expression, unable to look away and thinking about how wonderful this image is compared to that scripted one in the magazine. Without hesitating, Jun thrusts hard into the other one last time before he, too, becomes an incoherent form. After a while, Jun pulls out of Ryo, and drops beside him, heaving from exhaustion.

Throwing an arm over the other, Jun pulls Ryo closer to him and buries his nose in his hair, drifting to sleep in seconds. Ryo looks down to see cum glistening on his slender stomach. He doesn’t see any tissue in sight, so he grabs the nearest thing, which so happens to be Jun’s shirt, and cleans his stomach, grinning when he thinks what the older man's reaction will be to his ruined shirt. Ryo decides that it's a fair revenge for the teasing, the drunken groping sessions and for the pile of BOAO magazines that he knows are under Jun's bed.

Ryo had discovered them one night when he searching for his underwear, he came across them, in very nice conditions but with dried white stuff all over his face. Ryo felt flattered remembering it and turns to face the other man. Touching his black bangs, Ryo counts all the moles on Jun’s face when the older man peeks open a eye to look at a smiling Ryo. Jun smiles back.

Suddenly their tender moment is shattered by the ringing of Ryo’s phone, still in his jacket from the days eairiler events. Jun stumbles out the bed, to retrieve it. Instead of handing it to Ryo, Jun answers the call with a chipper voice; on the bed, Ryo struggles to stand up when a dull pain from behind him causes him to lay down on the bed again, pout adoring his face.

“Hello, who is this?”

“This is Yoko. Who is this?”


“…MatsuJun. As in the Matsumoto Jun, of Arashi?”

“What, do you know another?”

“Is Ryo is there with you?”

“Hmm,” Jun replies nonchalantly.

“…Okay bye.”

Ryo jumps out of the bed when he sees Jun frown down at the phone.

“Who was it?” Ryo asks, voice unusually small.

Jun unconsciously scratches his chest, “Yokoyama.”

Ryo looks dumbfounded as Jun lays back down.

Ryo thinks that the smarest thing to do would be to never leave Jun’s apartment. The feeling is confirmed when the next morning everyone in the Jimusho has heard about Ryo being MatsuJun "bed slave", letting himself be spanked and tied up by his sempai. Ryo’s pride shatters into billions of pieces and he groans, fishing out his cell phone to call Yamapi to save him from the terror that the six faces that are sneering down at him will surely cause.
perv on May 20th, 2008 05:01 am (UTC)
lmao takki writes ryojun porn.
amazing as always bb!
next time takki won't post it for you
Yumeko: 嵐-松本潤rainymemories on May 20th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Mmm, hot.♥ I love how the rumors are like totally exaggerated. A great read, I really enjoyed it. MatsuJun/Ryo is so win. :D
salwaphoenixsalwaphoenix on May 20th, 2008 05:38 am (UTC)
finally some love for them!

but yeah.. this should have a sequel.. no?

i love it! thank you soooooooooo much!
saraw: /love meallopatric on May 20th, 2008 05:39 am (UTC)
Takki you write so brillantly. Lend me your skills♥
takizawa♚hideaki: SELF IMAGE ♚a prisoner of wartakki on May 20th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
saraw: /love meallopatric on May 20th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
katherinekatekatherinekate on May 20th, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
RyoJun and Yoko and Pi - all in one fic, what more can a fangirl ask for?

★ タゲリ: ARASHI; mastujun {bam!}hyearts on May 20th, 2008 10:54 am (UTC)
Wonderful ♥
Aya-chan: yusuke-chanayaryo on May 20th, 2008 05:42 pm (UTC)
knowmonstaknowmonsta on June 7th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
This was good!